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"Yay! Another Baby!" Party

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Would it be OK to throw a backyard barbecue or dinner party in honor of one's own second child?  How does one even word that?

We don't want or need a "shower".  If it's a boy, we'd replace anything that got too manky with our son.  If it's a girl, my mom already wants to pick up "32 outfits in each size - you only need to do laundry once per size, right?"  (She's joking.  Sort of. She's already made 2-3 wall hangings for a future granddaughter.  Long story.) 

We will want to celebrate, though.  I'll want to have friends over one last time before the sleepless months.

Come out for a last hurrah before our big hurrah?

Edit to add:  We regularly have my husband's co-workers/our mutual friends over for dinner for no reason other than we like to cook/entertain and they like to eat. Whenever someone from his work does the same, they make a flyer for it so everyone has the time and address.  There is usually a theme involved.  Murica, "dress up to drink beer on our couch!", best BBQ showdown, Persian new year, wine-tasting, "wheedle SGT X into an RPG", "Chief Y has never seen Labyrinth", "Let's try out the new fire pit!" "Make DH watch a sports game", etc.  It'd be along those lines.  "Last dinner before we disappear of the face of the earth for a few months."
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Re: "Yay! Another Baby!" Party

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    Yup, ditto the above. Any mention of "baby" will make people think they need to bring a gift.  Just have a party. 
  • Don't say anything and no need for a theme except for " getting together with friends."  Just say it is a regular ol' BBQ and once your guests are there, you can have a nice toast to the new arrival and maybe a fun dessert.  
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