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why am I gaining weight so fast!??

I am 6 weeks and I have gained almost 10 lbs already!!! I do landscaping maintenance full time and so u would think I'm burning a lot of calories!?? right but I eat out for lunch every day. i try to choose the more healthy options at fast food restaurants like salad and chicken sandwich but I always feel like I'm starving by 10-11 am and again at 4-6. we usually eat around 12-1 and then again at 7-10 pm. I try to eat breakfast but don't always get it in. I do need to stop drinking any soda and just do lemonade or water. I also have no morning sickness at all and the only time I feel nauseous is when I start to get hungry! any advise would be greatly appreciated!!


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    The best advice I have is to try to prep your food ahead of time.  You should be eating 4-5 small meals a day.  Even if the snacks are some fruit or nuts to munch on.  I agree with PP.  Those healthy options at fast food restaurants are most likely still not healthy.  Even the grilled options are usually full of sodium.  In moderation, if that is your only option, go for the grilled chicken or salad.  I just wouldn't do it more than once a week.

    That being said, everyone is different.  Just keep things healthy.  With the active job you have, you will be fine.  I gained a lot of weight with my 1st two babies and had to work my butt off afterwards - literally!  I'm just trying to "eat clean" this time around.  Nothing processed.  Of course, I always cheat on the weekends - can't resist.  They say eat the same amount of calories you normally would in the 1st trimester and then 300 additional calories in the 2nd and 3rd trimesters.  Maybe you can count calories if your really concerned.

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  • Hello friends, I'm a new mother and my child is 3 months old. Since this is my first time I've been going through a lot of pregnancy related issued that I was unfamiliar with before. So I just though I could come here and share my problems and experiences and maybe you guys could help me out. Weight is the biggest problem I know!! I'gained a lot when it was my 5th month. I guess you are eating too much junk. Avoid eating out and try eating less but in frequent intervals. Atleast that's how I managed mine. Hey but don't worry too much about the weight right now or you'll harm the baby. Do it after your delivery.
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    Eating breakfast really is key....both for controlling weight and curbing the nausea. Breakfast gets your metabolism going so you will burn more calories all day long instead of storing fat. will help control the nausea. I used to just eat a bowl of cereal for breakfast. But somince I have been pregnant i have needed to eat a large breakfast every morning- meaning edges, bacon, toast etc. the nauseous is the worst on an empty stomach. Also...start snacking throughout the day. This will help you in between. Your baby need it. Good luck!
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