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So I am a new mom, dd is only six months old. Right now we are more focused on learning to crawl, than learning to read. However I recently discovered that my niece who will be staying with me a good chunk of the summer has not learned to write cursive, and was taught sight reading thus can't sound out new words. My plan is this summer to teach her proper handwriting and phonics. I don't know where to find any materials to help us get started. My niece is eleven years old and will be going into sixth grade (public school) next year. I really need a way to do this that fits her age, and not aimed at much younger kids. Any suggestions would be a great help.

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  • Do you have a tablet? There are handwriting apps on there and the technology might be more to her liking.
    Teaching phonics is going to seem condescending to her no matter how you package it. I think your best bet is to just incorporate some out loud reading time into your day, pick interesting age-appropriate books that are going to have words she doesn't know in them, and help her figure them out. 
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    Did anyone ask you to do this? 

    Some schools are using that curriculum - doesn't mean it's wrong, even though it's different. I have students who don't write cursive but it's a pretty obsolete skill. 
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  • No one asked me to do it. She has already left for the summer, but really enjoyed her writing lesson each day. She was excited to be able to "write pretty notes to her friends". As to writing bring part of her cirriculum, I don't know. Just because a skill is considered obsolete by the educational system, doesn't make it obsolete to employers. Good writing skills, are a must at my husbands office. Lots of important skills are considered obsolete today, that does not mean they no longer serve a purpose, and could need to be called upon at a later time.
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