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Blowing wind from the hoo-ha

So, I have no shame.

I tore pretty righteously and got a few stitches. Obviously I wasn't expecting everything to go back to the way it was pre-birth, but I certainly wasn't expecting the gaping chasm I once knew as my vagina. Is this TMI? This is totally TMI. The inside plumbing is pretty standard as far as I'm concerned, but I desperately wish my doctor would have made just a couple more stitches.

My problem isn't aesthetic really, or even comfort, but rather anytime I go from being vertical to being horizontal (especially after a night of sleep) about five gallons of air comes out from down there. It's awful, and often embarrassing, especially when I have to declare that I'm not farting. I swear I'm not trolling here, and you're totally allowed to be laughing right now. I'm wondering if this has happened to anybody else out there, and if it eventually resolved? I gave birth two years ago... it's been like this for two years.

Asking my doctor about it resulted in more or less a shrug. In looking on the bright side, I'm thinking that there is no possible way that I would tear this time around.

So... yeeeeah. One of those thing nobody tells you about giving birth.

Re: Blowing wind from the hoo-ha

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    Same here except mine is really only when I'm doing odd manuevers (yoga class, unfortunately not in the privacy of my home.)  How far pp are you? Mine was pretty embarrassing until about 3 weeks ago and my LO will be 5 months tomorrow. I just now feel like I am human again and not a giant cave of air. My only advise is kegels, kegels, kegels, and tons of planks/core toning to get everything back to normal.

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