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Down syndrome screenings

Ok so I had blood work done the other day and apparently I had elevated levels for Down syndrome... I have lupus and I've always have abnormal results...I am currently 21 weeks with my first baby and couldn't be happier! I guess the US techs said they saw some kind of brightness in the bowel area which they say can be a sign of DS? About 2 years ago I had lost a pregnancy at 5 mos. and I also had the same screening done then...which those results came back the same as these ones...but when they ran all the tests on the baby to find out why she did not make it their were no sign of DS or any other I guess what I'm asking is if anyone else has had these tests and what were your results like?

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    I am not that far along so I haven't had YOUR test yet as I am only 15 weeks, but I did come up high risk for Downs based on the NT scan. It was absolutely terrifying, and they ordered the Panorama test for me. It took 2 weeks but I finally have a piece of mind.

    Can they order one of the NIPT tests for you? (Harmony, Panoram, Verifi, Matern21)??

    They are safe tests and give good accuracy. They aren't considered diagnostic, but are pretty close.

    good Luck. I know how scary that is

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  • I just got my results back and same thing about the bowels. Also limited nasal bone. I am dreaming out. I am going for further tests on Friday and Tuesday.
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  • I had nt (not sure of results) blood work came back high risk for downs also....just had blood work done for the harmony tests and get my a/s next week....its been terrifying awating these results :( i feel ur pain :( hope everythings works out for the best for you and i also!!!
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