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Covering Ears

DS has started covering his ears more lately. I know this is a stereotypical behavior for children with autism, but is this also a normal 2-year-old thing? He's not doing it in loud or overstimulating situations like my kids with ASD used to do, and he doesn't seem to be in any pain like he has an ear infection. He does seem to do it frequently when we are going down the stairs (just one ear b/c he's holding my hand with his other hand). Is he just experimenting with how things sound different when his ears are covered or what? Could it be related to cutting 2-year molars (which are still not really evident yet)?



Re: Covering Ears

  • My daughter has strange ideas about what qualifies as loud and therefore requires ear protection. He might think things are loud that seem normal to you. Or he could totally just be experimenting like you said.
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