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So I'm getting ready to schedule my 2nd c section & have NO clue what to expect.. With my first one, I had been through 28 hours of hard labor and my epidural didn't work. When I finally went in for an emergency c section, they had to put me all the way under because my epidural still wasn't working and I actually could feel them cutting. I'm super nervous about this one because I know I'm going to be having a c section and won't be in labor and all. It'll all be planned out and it makes me super nervous. I don't know what to expect as far as being awake for it and the epidural or anything.. If anyone knows anythingggg at all, please fill me in ;)

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    It is super easy. I had to arrive 2 hours before I was scheduled. They started IV fluids and we just hung out waiting. I did get bumped 2 hours due to emergencies but I took that time to enjoy feeling my LO kicking around inside for the last time. Then I walked into the OR, got the spinal and got draped, DH came in and about 10 minutes later the baby was out! Less than 30 minutes after that I was breastfeeding in recovery. This my my third CS. I went into labor with my other 2 but the rest was pretty similar as I knew in advance I would be having CS.
  • I was on hospital bed rest so I was already there. The morning of my c-section I went downstairs and was hooked up to a monitor and got to listen to DD's heartbeat all morning while they started an IV and got everything ready. Then they wheeled me down to the OR where they did my spinal and catheter and got me all laid out on the table. DH came in about 5 minutes after in scrubs and a mask. The spinal starts working right away so I was numb- I didn't even feel them shaving me. Next thing I hear is 'she's almost out!' and I remember thinking- oh wow, she already started! haha. She was out in 20 minutes. On my chest all wrapped up. DH held her while I was in recovery (I was in there a long time. I had issues with Pre-E and the mag they had me on. It thinned my blood and I wasn't clotting so I had a long recovery stay and I was pissy because I wanted to go see DD) but I finally got back to my room and held her and it was great!

    Good luck! I hope everything goes well! :)
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  • Try not to stress. I have my RCS scheduled for July 8. I had to be there 2 hours before my surgery time. DH and I just hung out, talking while the nurse gets you checked out, IV, etc. your doc will probably pop in to say hi if they are not in another delivery right before. The anesthesiologist will stop by to talk to you. The time passes quick. Next thing you know you're walking into the surgery room, sit on the bed while they put meds in spine, lay you down on table, DH comes in, and 20 minutes later you'll hear baby screams! I felt a LOT of pressure when they were getting baby out, but not pain.

    Try not to stress! Your recovery will probably be smoother too since you won't have labored beforehand.
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  • How can something planned be more stressful than the unknown of when you go into labor?? And you already had that experience! It will be fine and recovery should be easier too. At least that's what I heard from all friends who had an unplanned 1st and an rcs.

    My first one was planned due to breech baby and I had a wonderful experience. Hoping for the same this time.
  • Im having a harder time with recovery this time as i have a toddler and LO to take care of. Almost 3 weeks pp and feel like i tore something inside
  • My second planned section was easier to recover from probably because I didn't have labor first and was super easy going in
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    The second one was so much better than the first.  The recovery was much easier.  I was under general anesthesia with my 1st too so it was much nicer to get to see the baby right away.
  • My second c section has been a more rough recovery. Maybe because i dint have time to rest with a toddler to care for too? I feel like ive pulled internal stitching too, just from getting in and out of bed.
  • i had not planned to have a csection; however, that day it was decided to have a csection. i was told in about three hours we would have the baby, we had him in less than an hour due to everything moving so quickly. blood work, signing releases and giving consent, getting iv's. my husband almost did not have time to run to the car to get the camera, or to call all our family to tell them it was happening. i got wheeled to the or even though i was very much capable walking. sat up on the table for the spinal. after i was laying down and curtain up my husband came in. from there, everything moved so quickly and we were in recovery in no time where i began breastfeeding. i was able to feel my legs pretty early so we were able to go upstairs to the postpartum room. just make sure they are checking your uterus just as often as a vaginal delivery, if not more, to make sure it is contracting down otherwise some not so pleasant things can happen, like they did to me. i had the catheter inserted in the or and it was taken out in recovery. so long story short, even though it is scheduled, things can move pretty quickly and its over before you know it.


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  • I had an emergency C last time around and i twas actually a good experience. I just over did it after because I was on bedrest for so long I was dying to get out and did too much walking right when I got home. This time around I had a c-section when my water broke. This time it was not a good experience. Where I was on tons of drugs due to pre-e I never felt a thing. It wasn't the spinal tap that hurt at all. The c-section itself was not fun. I felt like everything they did was hurting so I kept feeling like I was going to throw up. Not im completely afraid of ever going through it again. I couldn't even enjoy when DS came out. I looked the other direction because I was flipping out. Two coming home to a 2 yr old who wanted to be lifted all the time and a husband traveling just didn't help healing right away. 

    Now my cousin just had her second c-section and had a great experience and easy recovery. Then again she was home two weeks to recover before her babies came home so she had time to recover and take care of herself.

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  • What they all just said. i just had my second planned c section last week. It was calm and I didn't feel a thing after the spinal was put in. There were some potential issues with DS2 so special care nursery was in the room but they told us right away DS was in good shape and didn't need them. Overall it was a great experience and I've had a much easier time getting up and moving around than the first time. And my first CS/recovery weren't bad by any stretch. Just be aware though, that with each subsequent pregnancy, after birth pains get worse. It was pretty intense and I understand feels like contractions (even though I never went into labor either time so don't really know what true contractions feel like).
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