Surrogacy & C sections

Has anyone been a surrogate AFTER a c-section? Or had IVF after a previous c-section(s)?? My first child was born via unplanned section and we plan on one more of our own and then hopefully be able to be a surrogate for my sister & her husband. Just curious if the section scarring has any impact on surrogacy or IVF? Thanks!

Re: Surrogacy & C sections

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    I wouldn't think it matters
  • My twins were born via c/s.  I was a surrogate and delivered last May, had a RCS, and I'm now matched again and plan to transfer early-mid August.  Most RE's will have a limit to the number of c/s they'll approve, but most are comfortable with a potential surrogate having 3 prior c/s as long as everything else looks stellar. 

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