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immunization dilemma

Hi everyone,
     My husband and I recently learned we are pregnant and I am struggling with only 1 thing. We have these family members who are very grass roots and strictly against immunization and they have chosen not to immunize their child despite the fact that in the past, she has suffered from German measles/Rubella already…and with the recent measles outbreak they have continued to refuse to immunize their child. I have completely respected their decisions despite the fact that I am a nurse and am absolutely PRO immunization. This is their choice and I have not questioned it. Now I know there is that awkward period from when a new baby is born until they can actually get an immunization shot, and we as parents absolutely know that we will be immunizing our children…this will be our choice.

Here is where I struggle. Do I let my family members come to visit and touch my newborn knowing that they all may be carriers of one of the big MMR diseases?? Or do I risk the family drama and tell them to stay away until my child is immunized?  Opinions and thoughts please!!!

Re: immunization dilemma

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    First let me say that this is definitely a dilemma and you have to decide what is best for your baby.

    Personally, I don't know that I could go over a year without allowing a family member to see my child especially if they are close family. Maybe a few months while the baby's immune system gets a little stronger. I am in my first pregnancy and am struggling with a similar issue. 

    Some things to consider is that there are 2 doses (as I'm sure you are aware) so would you wait until the second dose? Also, the vaccinations I believe last about 20 years so if other family members who were vaccinated as infants are around this child, what risk do they pose? And will they not be allowed near the baby either?

    Maybe there is a compromise.....make the adults use hand sanitizer before touching the baby and just tell them that while you respect their decision not to immunize their child, because of her history, you don't want the child to touch the baby. So maybe the child can stay with a sitter or something while the parents visit. Plus maybe use face masks.

    Just some ideas. Good luck with your decision and congratulation on the pregnancy! 

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    Personally I wouldn't let them near my child.  And it really shouldn't be about the drama.  With every choice we make in life, there are consequences.  This is their consequence for not vaccinating.  You respect their decision not to vaccinate, and they need to likewise respect your decision to vaccinate/protect your child.  You're not taking anything away from them, or trying to force them into your beliefs, but you are within your rights to require certain things for your family.

    I'm really not overly concerned about infants and germs.  My son was born during flu season, and I wasn't squeamish about taking him out right away.  I never made my friends or family sanitize their hands before holding him. However, things like immunizations are different.  Especially with the recent measles outbreak.
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    Being a nurse I am surprised that you are asking this. If you take routine practices and additional precautions - hand washing, no visitors if running noses etc. Also, vaccinations take 2 weeks to have any effect.
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