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katekat's (long) gif-eriffic birth story

Warning: If you have c-section anxiety, be cautious reading this.

The last week of my pregnancy was getting pretty rough on me. I was fighting pre-eclampsia and knew the babies would be coming sooner rather than later. That whole 'everything hurts and I'm dying' thing wasn't too far off.



The night I went into labor I was having weird dreams about the babies coming and everything I needed to do. I just had a weird feeling and felt off. I woke up to go pee for the 800th time around 2am and as I was rolling my whale body to get out of bed I felt a little "pop". My body decided to not be a dick and waited until I actually made it to the toilet before my water broke. At first I thought "wow, this is the moment you've finally pissed yourself uncontrollably" but then realized that it was my water breaking. Slow. Learner.


I went and woke up hubby, who was sleeping on the futon (whale body, remember) and I asked him if he was ready to meet his daughters :) We called our parents who were ready to immediately meet us at the hospital, but first we took showers, finished packing our bags, gave the dogs love, all that stuff.


I'll add here that I'm one of those really annoying people who apparently don't feel contractions until I'm far along. I promise you I was miserable in other ways, so don't hate me too much.

At the hospital, labor progressed really well. I was having contractions every 2-3 minutes and dilating/effacing steadily. I walked around, watched TV, chomped at my ice chips loudly at my family as they ate breakfast in front of me. I didn't need pitocin or anything, but I did need my friend Tom, the anesthesiologist, who hooked me up with an epidural when I was about 5cm. I quickly decided Tom needed to be my new BFF.


Everything was setting itself up for a nice, easy peasy vaginal delivery. I wasn't a "freaker outer" and stayed pretty calm throughout, which freaked out my freaker outer family. People came in and visited and we were all super excited to meet the babies!

The only problem was that my body doesn't handle pain meds well, which I kinda knew going into this. The epidural kept wearing off every hour or so and I needed my BFF Tom to come and give me a "boost" shot.


By 11am I was good to go and around noon started practice pushing. With twins, you labor in the L&D room, but you have to actually push in the OR. While pushing, the nurse went from saying "go, go, push, push!" to "wait, wait, stop, stop!". She became quiet and said she thought she felt cartilidge where the baby's head should be and went to go get the doctor. Still, I was pretty calm but my family started getting a little worried.


(This is where things may start being a little more disturbing)

The doc came back and there were a few more faces with her this time as the OR team joined her. She reached up and confirmed that baby A was coming down ear first and her neck was a little kinked. She decided to have me push one more time and see if she could manually maneuver baby A into position.

It didn't work. I don't know exactly what happened but baby A's heart rate dropped drastically from the 140s to 60s. The next few minutes were a blur, with alarms going off, my family crying, the nurses unhooking me and calling Code C (which apparently stands for C-Section) and people around me just generally freaking out. The doctor barked to get me into OR now. It all happened so fast that hubby didn't even get to go with me.

In all seriousness, at this point, I was scared.


The team in the OR moved fast. I didn't know this at the time but DH and my dad had followed me down to the OR and waited outside for me. While in OR I knew I was screwed. The epidural has worn off significantly and it was past time for my next "boost" shot. My BFF Tom was there and was giving me more meds as quickly and safely as he could, but meds take a little while to kick in, which we didn't really have. They kept doing the "do you feel this poke?" test, which I was failing, and said that I may need to be put under for this. Unfortunately by this time, baby A's heart rate was plummeting again and my blood pressure was scary high.

Basically we needed the babies out ASAP... so, c-section happened without all the good drugs.


At some point they finally went and got hubby. They hadn't brought him in because they didn't know if I was going to be put under general or not. By the time he was there they were announcing "We got baby B out!". Him and my dad had heard "We got baby A!" from outside the OR. He technically missed their births because things just happened so.freaking.fast.


Tom was a godsend, and not just because he physically took care of me. Without hubby there and with the nurses all really busy he was the one who was talking to me and keeping me calm. Hearing the babies cry helped push through some pain. Seeing DH hold them and bring them over to me helped too. First moment baby love is seriously the best drug out there and they should bottle that shit up!


When hubby got there he found they actually mixed up the babies. Baby A is determined by who is closest to the cervix. But in c-sections, baby B is actually delivered first and becomes the new baby A (yeah, confusing). In the rush to get the babies out they got confused on who was who. Hubby was able to tell them apart though because baby A had a bruise on her ear/temple from getting stuck in the birth canal. Poor baby! :(

We stayed in the recovery room for 4 hours. All the meds finally kicked in (helloooo, a little late) so they had to monitor the crap out of me. We were in our own area though and the babies stayed with us the whole time. I got to cuddle and love them and pretend that I wasn't falling asleep when the docs and nurses were checking on me. They usually don't allow people in the recovery room, but they let my family come in and see me and the babies. Then we moved to our PP room where we stayed the next three days and were babied and cared for by some of the most awesome nurses ever.


I didn't make my goal of 36 weeks but the girls were healthy and avoided a lot of late preemie issues, for which we're eternally grateful. Delivery was not how I had envisioned at all (hahaha), and in hind-sight it's easy to say "should have just done a c-section off the get-go". But honestly looking at my little girls now all I see are two healthy, happy, hungry little babies. And in a few years, we'll probably re-do this whole shindig...  but this time with a spinal :)

After nearly three years of infertility, two years of treatments, nine months of a difficult pregnancy and a few minutes of a painful delivery... I can honestly say it's all worth it and I'd do it all again in a heartbeat. Being a mom totally rocks :)

Here are the loves of our lives.


TD;DR... delivery was a bitch, but babies are healthy! Also, make friends with guys like Tom!


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Re: katekat's (long) gif-eriffic birth story

  • Congrats! That is the cutest pic! And I really enjoyed the gif story :)
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  • Amazing!! Congrats :)
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  • Such a precious picture. They are perfect! Congratulations :)
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  • Congratulations! They're adorable :)
  • MrsAyMrsAy member
    That's so scary! But I'm glad you are all doing fine now, baby girls are adorable.
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  • Congratulations on beautiful babies
  • Thanks so much for sharing! SO happy you and your girls are doing great and even tho your delivery was scary, that all worked out ok! Congrats again mama!! What a crazy ride!
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  • Congrats! What a long journey, glad it had such a happy ending!
  • Congratulations! They are beautiful.


  • Congratulations! What pretty little girls :)
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  • Great story (except the scary parts, obv)!  Congratulations!  
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  • Wow! And your girls are adorable. Congrats Mama!
  • Congrats! They are absolutely beautiful! :)
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  • They are absolutely beautiful, congratulations!!

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  • So cute! Congratulations!!!
  • The girls are adorable.  Your storytelling is superb!  Although it wasn't the story you imagined, I'm glad that it all worked out!

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    Special prayers for angels that we never met!
  • Congratulations!! Beautiful girls!! And if your current career doesn't work out, you should consider writing...really enjoyed the story!
  • So scary, but such a beautiful story. You made me tear up, the babies are beautiful!!!
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  • They are perfect and beautiful and everything else wonderful.  I'm so sorry delivery was what it was, but so grateful it all ended well.  Congrats mama!!!

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  • You are a wonderful, strong woman. Congratulations on your lovely girls.

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  • Love that picture of them!  They're adorable.  Congratulations!!
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  • The girls are perfect! Congratulations to you and H! And I so can relate with the Tom, mine was a Tim (same name as H so easy to remember) and he was awesome. Hugs!

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  • You are a rock star! Congratulations :)
  • sjn00sjn00 member
    So happy for you!! Congratulations!!!
  • They're so beautiful! Congratulations!
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  • Congratulations! Your girls are so beautiful! And you are an amazing storyteller :D
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  • Amazing story telling!  Congratulations on your beautiful girls!!




  • They look so sweet! I'm sorry you had a rough experience, but I love your attitude about it. Congratulations on your beautiful babies!

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  • Birth story with gifs??

    Turns out I'll read the whole thing if there's gifs. Plus, it was a good story!
    Congrats!! They are so cute!!
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    katekat8721[Deleted User][Deleted User]CJnKR2014
  • So glad everyone is here safe. So sorry you had a scary birth.

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  • jshropjshrop member
    Winner winner chicken dinner! Best L&D story EVAH!!! I vote all birth stories have gifs from now on :) Also, those baby girls are ADORABLE! I just want to squish the little cheeks
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  • That is really a moving story! Brought tears to my eyes! So glad u guys are all ok!!! Your babes are precious!!
  • Thank you guys! Didn't mean to make you cry! The hormones, the hormones! :)

    [Deleted User]CJnKR2014
  • Such a cute pic they are too cute :) congrats.
  • Adorable squared!

  • CONGRATS!!!!!  So happy for you, and I'm glad you're all doing well :-)
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    IVF/FET #1 - BFP!!
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  • Congrats and thanks for sharing your story.  I shed a tear at the end -- very happy for you and your new family :)
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  • vv826vv826 member
    They are beautiful! Congratulations! I may have to let you tell my birth story with gifs because you are so awesome at it!
  • Congratulations! They're beautiful and I am so glad that all of your struggles turned out to be worth it :)
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  • You are a warrior woman! So happy your birth story had a happy ending! Congratulations! :)

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