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New to baby making... Lots of questions!

My husband and I are planning to start trying to have a baby next year, very excited!
• I have a phobia of the birthing process, would anyone recommend an elective c-section?
•How big are c-section incisions?
•Who is the best OBGYN for main methodist please? I'd like to find one before we start actually tring!
• Do the HEB prenatals have te same imgredients are the name brand prenatals? They are the only ones that don't make me extremely nauseous...

Re: New to baby making... Lots of questions!

  • Hello! I can only answer a few of your questions:

    I'm not sure how many doctors would be willing to do an Elective C for a first-time mom.  What is it that you're scared of for a vaginal birth?

    I'm fairly certain that emergency c-section scars are larger than elective ones, but I can't say for sure because I've never had one.

    The only way to tell if the HEB prenatals have the same ingredients as any other brand is to read the labels.  Have you tried taking your prenatals before bed?
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  • I do not want this to come off judgmental, but it might:

    You are putting your child and yourself in unnecessary danger by getting ANY C-section. They are MAJOR abdominal surgery... vaginal deliveries are a typical, every day kind of thing. You were literally BUILT to birth babies.

    Please review this and start doing more research on the risk of cesarean versus the less complicated, natural vaginal delivery. https://americanpregnancy.org/labornbirth/cesareanrisks.html

    You're really going to have to get over the scar thing... pregnancy/childbirth has a tendency to leave some scars behind, but to answer your question: C-section scars can be quite unsightly.

    Prenatals: you need to review the list and strength of ingredients. But don't rely on vitamins, it's important to eat a diet high in vitamins, iron and folic acid. Your food provides way more nutrients and nourishment than vitamins. You only absorb about 2% of whatever dose your vitamin is.

    I don't know about Methodist OB's, though!


    Seriously, please do some research on C-sections. By having one, you risk dying (way more than a vaginal delivery). Just because 1/3 of deliveries are C-section these days does NOT make it okay.

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  • I was terrified of vaginal delivery, but I honestly did not think it was as bad as I was expecting. The epidural hurt more than the actual delivery. The recovery is painful, but so is C-section recovery. Most OBs that I'm aware of will not do an elective C-section without medical necessity. 
  • I have had both. 1st was a C-section and second was a vbac. I would never under any circumstance advise any person I care about to have a C-section unless medically necessary. The way I felt on 2nd day of vbac was like the way I felt on day 15 of C-section. You are on pain meds for the surgery and unable to move or get up that easy. It is harder to bond when you feel unwell.  That being said if you are very scared try hypnosis with a local person that may help.

    As for prenatal victims I order a mini pill from amazon because the large pills make me sick.

    hope that was helpful  


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