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viral rash

does anyone have any experience with this?  DS was 2 last month and about 2 weeks ago began a rash that has gotten steadily worse.  It's really nasty looking, although it doesn't bother him.  The pediatrician misdiagnosed it, it go worse so we went back and were refered to a pedicatric dermatologist, so I guess it's not that common if the pediatriction didn't know what it was.  I'm just worrying about how much worse this will get and how often he will get it.  If your child has had it, do they get it often?  I hope not since this is the 1st time he's ever had it.

Re: viral rash

  • It's technically called gianotti crosti, or viral exanthera, but it's basically just known as a viral rash.
  • DS had one at about a year old.  It totally freaked us out but we were told it was normal.  Went away on its own in about 48 hours though, so I don't really have any advice.

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    my daughter was diagnosed with this as well. I read that it takes a while to go away and her ped didn't seem too worried about it. it got better and sometimes she has a flare up.

    what did the dermatologist say? it seems to go under diagnosed, which is why there's not much information on it.
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