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We school year-round and start the new year in August, so I'm doing my planning and purchasing now.

I'm doing this approach next year.  I used the Simply Charlotte Mason free curriculum guide and this is my plan:

Bible - Genesis through Deuteronomy
History/Geography - Ancient Egypt
Composers - Bach, Beethoven, and Mozart (one per term)
Artists - Da Vinci, Kahlo, and Renoir (one per term)
Literature - Book List 1 from the website
Science - Nature Study
Handicrafts - whatever the kids are interested in, but if they don't pick something I'm going to encourage knitting this year, since that's what I'm into
Personal Development - character studies using the 49 character traits - kids pick one per month to focus on

Math - Saxon 2 for 6YO and homemade curriculum for 5YO
Phonics - Lippincott (5YO)
Spelling - Dictation from other studies (6YO)
Violin - Suzuki Book 1 (^YO)

Has anyone used Simply Charlotte Mason before?  I have the recommended reading list for Ancient Egypt and Gen-Deut in my amazon cart.  Thoughts?  Recs?

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  • I haven't used Simply Charlotte Mason. However, there are definitely aspects of her philosophy that I like. 

    As we look toward more formal schooling (J. will be 4 this summer. We don't plan on formal lesson until he is at least 5.), I find myself coming back to The Well-Trained Mind style classical education and Charlotte Mason. I love the idea of using living books. 

    When we study the Ancient World, we will most likely use Story of the World as a spine. 

    Keep us updated with how things go!
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  • I think Simply Charlotte Mason is a good website to get started with the Charlotte Mason method, but I don't think their selections are as rich and varied as other free Charlotte Mason curricula I have seen {such as,, and}.
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    Considering . . . Agatha, Beatrix, Clara, Daphne, Isadora, Josephine, Matilda, Philippa, Tabitha, Winifred . . .
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