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Hello all, We just recently found out we're expecting twins. I didn't already have an ob, so I just went to the midwife who recently delivered my nephew. When we found out it's twins, we were told we'd be seeing an ob, not a midwife, to my dismay. Then I found out that Mercy Anderson requires any multiple births to occur in the OR! No thank you!!!! As far as I know, Christ doesn't have the same requirement. I'm hoping to l&d as natural as possible. Does anyone know of any natural leaning, twin-experienced obs that deliver at Christ or good Sam? Also really hoping for someone who will welcome a doula. Any twin-experienced doula recs are also greatly appreciated!!! Thanks so much in advance!! Michelle

Re: OB recs for twins

  • I would check with the Bowen Center, Dr. Bowen is pretty much the Cincy champion of low/no-intervention births. I know he does twins, he delivers breech, and he has a team of doulas that he works with.
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  • Almost all practices will make you deliver twins in the OR.  The chances of needing an emergency c section are high, so that's the point.  I went in with the same goals as you and chose my practice based on them.  Later I learned that while the head of the dept would do breech extractions, it was ultimately up to the dr on call when I went into labor.  Also, conditions had to be favorable (baby a had to be head down and same size or bigger than baby b). I thik only 2-3 of the drs would do breech extractions.  After speaking with the MFM at length regarding this, and going over statistics, I could understand their point.  I was with UC OBGYNS, so if you are really set on it, I would not go there.  But I would also do a bit more research.  Best of luck!
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