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3rd Trimester new doctor- help

Hey moms and moms to be,
I am in my third trimester and my doctor decided to just quit being an OBGYN. Not sure how true this is, but that's what the office told me when I went for my last visit. I had her my first trimester, then she went on maternity leave and I had another doctor for second trimester, then she came back and now has quit this practice. I have not discussed any birthing plans with the new doctor they assigned me and this is my first pregnancy. I'm very nervous about having a new doctor and I don't know what to ask. Any help would be great. Thanks

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    Sorry you have to deal with this! Talk to your new doctor at your next appointment about your concerns. It sounds like getting the previous doctor back is not an option if she has "left the practice" and didn't tell you ahead of time of any plans to practice with another group. If you don't have an appointment coming up soon, e-mail your new doctor. You can attach your birth plan and say that you had discussed this with your previous doctor but aren't sure if she passed that info along, and you want to make sure that the new one is up to date. I am sure the new doctor will be very understanding.

    When I went into labor, my normal doctor was not on call and the doctor who admitted me and was with me for the first several hours was another one from the practice whom I had never met. Everything went well. To be honest, by that point, all I cared about was getting a healthy baby. 

    If you feel there is more to the story of why your doctor left and are concerned about that, you can check with the state medical board to see if disciplinary action was taken against your doctor. I'm not sure how frequently the website is updated, but they do list doctors who have had disciplinary action taken against them in the past year.

  • Ditto PP. Call the new doctor and either discuss over the phone or schedule an office appt to discuss. Good luck!
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