Pain from spinal/epidural

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Hi all, I had a csection in early march, and I've noticed the past couple days that the site that I received my spinal is really sore. I will call doc tomorrow...anyone else experience this?
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Re: Pain from spinal/epidural

  • i did not. best of luck.


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  • I did! I frequently bounced my LO on a birth ball to get her to sleep, and I noticed the spot where I had my spinal was sore for months afterward. It eventually went away (DD is 15 months)
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  • I am 3 weeks out and just started having pain today. It is like a throbbing pain.

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    I had some pain. I went to masseuse and told her I thought it was injection site pain from my spinal. Turns out, it was a sore muscle that runs horizontally from the spine to the rib. She worked on it and I have been pain free since...and I was SURE it was my spinal. Wrong!

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