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Fitness Check-in (June 2-8)

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Happy June, folks!
  • What is your workout plan this week?
  • What's feeling good / not so good?
  • What are you looking forward to this week?

This week:
M- 30 min elliptical/stairs and flow yoga class + 100 air or 4# squats
T- 4 mi run
W- power flow yoga + 30 min bike
Th- 50 min stationary bike + weights
F- 30 anything cardio! plus 100 squats
Sa- 6 mi run
Su- yoga for runners
Good/not so good: Again, still so glad to be able to get in my 6mi runs, albeit at a much slower pace, which is kind of boring now ("are we there yet" on constant loop in my head).
Not so hot: Annoyed at myself for not doing enough squats, since they are supposed to help prevent tearing during labor. Really need to make them happen! Hoping that writing down my intentions here will help make them happen. Cankles. Enough said. I'm in Houston and it is like a SWAMP here.
Looking forward to: Having my mom in town for our baby shower this weekend!

Have a great week everyone!
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Re: Fitness Check-in (June 2-8)

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  • JudyBlume14 I tried strict pull-ups a few weeks ago (just f*ing around) and it was a total no-go!  I felt like I pulled something at the top of my abs and stopped immediately.  Be careful!

    Week's Plan
    M - Walked 2 miles + did Tracy Anderson DVD
    T - Walk to/from pool (2 miles) + Swim for 20-30 min + Yoga
    W - Walk or Elliptical 2 miles + Interval strength training
    Th - Walk to/from pool (2 miles) + swim for 20-30 min + Yoga
    F - Probably rest day
    Sa - Possibly Crossfit if the workout modifies well
    Su - Walk to/from pool (2 miles) + swim for 20-30 min

    The Not So Good
    Week 28 was my last week running.  Even though I was able to do it, I felt like crap afterwards.  For days afterwards, my stomach felt as if it was bruised and the RLP was bad.  I figured it wasn't worth it.  After I resolved not to run anymore and to just walk and swim, I feel like I'm actually happier and stronger.

    The Good
    Swimming!  The pool opened and I'm all over it.  It felt so good to be weightless and do swim some laps.  I even bought some water weights and hope to start incorporate them into my workouts.

    This Week
    My best friend from high school just moved to my city!  She got here today and I'm looking forward to having dinner with her and her family Friday and hanging out this weekend!

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  • Hi Everyone, Happy June! 

    So I must confess that last week did not go quite as planned. I still got in 4 days of great workouts, but I missed one day and they were not on the days I said I would work out. haha Oh well I was more motivated knowing I would be posting here. :)

    This Week:

    M - 45 minute walk (planned to run and lift at the gym but since I left my sports bra at home there was no way I was attempting that. My boobs are now huge and pop out of my bras just standing there! So I walked home from the gym)

    T - 30 min run and lifting (double checked I had everything!)

    W - 40 min elliptical and prenatal yoga video

    Th - 30 min run and lifting

    F - rest

    S - 40 min run and yoga

    S - rest (if cleaning the house counts as rest)

    Feeling good for the most part. My eating for the most part is much cleaner than it was a few weeks ago and so I'm feeling healthier. 

    Not so good is aches and pains. My lower back and shoulders are starting to hurt. I have a lot of knots in my shoulder. Plus my right hip hurts and wakes me up when I'm sleeping on my right side. That's about it though.

    Looking forward to.....getting my workouts in? life is so not exciting right now. 

  • @ajhamb - Have fun at your shower this weekend! OMG 100 squats! Good for you!

    @Imdonnel - I usually don't have a plan either which is why I needed to start posting. But I just write it out here and say ok...that's what I'm going to do. haha Happy Birthday!!!!!

    @JudyBlume14 - Happy Birthday to you too!!! Good luck with your goals this week!

    @byrne15 - Great job on the run!

    @mdarmetko - Glad you are able to enjoy the pool. I'm a terrible swimmer but feel like I should do that too just to switch it up. Exciting about your friend!

    @zoegirlTX - That's a bummer that the shoes didn't help. Maybe a nightly foot massage from the hubs will help. ;) yeah it's starting to get gross in here too. I either get up early to run outside or else it's to the gym I go!
  • Hey ladies-

    Mon- I did Bootcamp for an hr and ran 5.5 miles, with DS in the stroller.
    Tues- ran 5.5 miles, pushing DS in the running stroller.
    Weds- plan is Bootcamp + run
    Thurs- run
    Fri- Bootcamp + run
    Sat- long run, 10-11 miles

    I'm 36 weeks today, and still feeling great! I've been maintaining 40 miles/week of running and 3 Bootcamp workouts.

    The good- I feel great! DS moved into his new bedroom and big boy bed with no problems, and is doing good with potty training.

    The not so good- I had protein in my urine at my 36-week appt today, but no other signs of pre-e. OB had me do bloodwork to make sure everything is ok. I'm also down a couple of lbs, and nervous about the baby's size. I have an u/s on Mon to check baby. This warmer weather is rough on my GI system (sorry, TMI)- which I think is the reason for wt loss. The OB wasn't concerned though, even though I stopped gaining/started losing at 30 weeks.

    To Do- baby's nursery. Crib is still set up, just have to move mattress up.

    Mommy to R (8.23.11) and K (6.21.14).

  • What is your workout plan this week?
    Keeping up at 25 mpw runningWhat's feeling good / not so good?
    Good --- mentally knowing that I'm still keeping on, even though I'm getting MUCH slower and need to take more frequent walk breaks
    Not so good --- the pressure on my bladder is sometimes horrible :(What are you looking forward to this week?Fun weekend ahead --- neighbor's baby shower, 4 year old birthday party, dinner with family, 5K :)






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