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looking for baby modeling info

Anyone have any legit info about baby modeling? Stories to share?  recommendations??

Re: looking for baby modeling info

  • Please be warned that there are LOTS of scams in the modeling industry, so be careful - especially when no-name agencies require you to pay fees upfront.  The top six agencies for children in the city (in no particular order) are as follows:
    Funny Face Today (FFT)

    Check their sites for requirements.  Most agencies ask for mailed pictures of your child, including head-only and full-body photos. They don't have to be professional portraits, but no funny hats or food on face, etc. Write your child's name (and yours), her age, clothing size, hair and eye color, and address on the back of each photo. Hopefully you hear back from one or a few of them to set up an in person interview, and the ball gets rolling from there...  Hope that's helpful!!

    Fresh & Modern Family Photography
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