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Hi Everyone,
I am fairly new to Raleigh, and the US in general.  Although I have insurance, I don't think I am prepared for costs associated with being pregnant (I have been spoiled with free healthcare).  A colleague of mine mentioned that her ultrasound at approx 14 weeks was so expensive (even with insurance) that she had to put it on a payment plan. Can anyone let me know the approximate costs they have paid in the areas (with and without insurance).  Thank you!!

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  • It totally depends on your insurance. With my insurance coverage I have no out of pocket expenses and my first pregnancy was extremely high-risk. So, the cost for individuals could be all over the place.

    I would suggest calling your insurance carrier and asking them. They can usually tell you exactly what you'll end up paying.

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  • Agree with PP. It depends on your insurance. For me, my out of pocket deductible is $1500 and I had to pay that up front to my OB. I haven't had to pay for anything else yet, but I'm sure I will owe something to the hospital after deliever. I'm not sure what that exact cost will be.  

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  • My ob has something special worked out with BCBS so I only paid a portion of the actual ob costs, the hospital bills were killer even at 20% (80% by insurance)... but prenatal and delivery stuff is nothing compared to child care costs, be prepared for that!
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  • My OB office gave me a breakdown of the cost if you don't have insurance.  It's about $10,000 for a vaginal birth and $30,000 for a csection.
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