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Here come the stretch marks...

I am a FTM and I am 26w3d and my first little red stretch mark showed up tonight. It was kind of exciting and sad at the same time! It made me feel good that baby is growing and all the pain/discomfort I was feeling today was justified, but sad that my belly could soon be covered in red marks. For the record I had lost weight and kept it off for three years before getting pregnant, so I had plenty of previously stretched skin to grow into, but I guess baby still needs more room. Any other FTM's noticing these changes or STM's remembering their first stretch marks? DH asked if we should take a picture, I said no but it does feel like a badge of honor so I am going to wear my new little stretch mark proudly.
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Re: Here come the stretch marks...

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  • I didn't even know how many stretch marks I had on my belly until after DS was born.... couldn't see under there without a mirror. :P

    More power to you though! I love the positive attitude!
  • I actually noticed my first one yesterday. I made it through fine with DS's pregnancy, not so much this time. I envy your positive attitude!
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  • My mom and my sister each had three kids and got them when pregnant with their third..... This is DD2 and we also want 3 kids... Haven't gotten any yet, but I just know they are coming! Badge of honor is true :)
  • I had them before but found a few new ones last night that are definitely from baby. It made me smile actually, now baby has made it's first lasting impression!
  • Thanks everyone! Glad to know I am not alone! I am able to stay positive as at the moment it is one small red squiggly line and I know it is baby. I am hoping that I remain positive as the multiple others appear.

    @Conradgallagher‌ I am hoping to pass the pre-pregnancy ones off as pregnancy too!
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  • I also have old stretch marks and excess skin from previously being heavy. At 27 weeks today, I still have plenty of loose skin that folds across my belly button yet. I will be surprised if I get new stretch marks from pregnancy, but happy if I could have a cute round belly for a little while.
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  • I got a handful above my belly button trending downward when DS dropped last pregnancy. I didn't actually notice them until after he was born though. I thought I had gotten through scot-free. They were nearly invisible once I lost the baby weight though. I've been watching them carefully this time to see if I get more. So far I've been lucky and the ones I already have aren't red, they are kind of a light silvery-purplish color.
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  • I totally thought I was stretch mark free with DS until a week or so before he was born I arched my back enough to see under my belly in the mirror. I was like "OMG WHAT IS THAT!?" My entire underbelly was covered! They mostly faded and I don't have any new ones.... yet. 
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  • I got a small patch of stretch marks from DD right below my belly button. I didn't get them until late 3rd tri. But I wear my badge:) my little girl made them.
  • I'm definitely noticing my old ones stretching out a lot :) I weigh more now than when I delivered DD so I'm pretty sure I'm going to end up with more.
  • I was pretty small pre-pregnancy, so I got my first batch about a month ago. None on my stomach, they're all on my butt and thighs.
  • I also lost a lot of weight and have stretch marks from that journey...I haven't gotten any yet, but I'm glad to hear you're taking it in stride. Wear those tiger stripes proudly, mama!
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  • I have a million from Logan . I must have delicate skin. ;) I started getting them around 29 weeks.

    So far I haven't gotten any new ones. I'm sure I will add to my collection at the end of my pregnancy, since I only carried Logan for 37 weeks.
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  • I didn't get any with my 1st pregnancy. I got 1 with my 2nd pregnancy and I have gotten 1 with this pregnancy. Way to go with a positive attitude! I guess on the positive side for me;  I doubt I will get anymore, its only 2 and they are barely noticeable.
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  • In a full circle around my belly button there is now a ring of purple marbling.  Just noticed it yesterday.  If that erupts into a full ring of stretch marks....oh my!
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  • I didn't get many until after I delivered last time. I'm not sure if I'm getting new ones this time yet or if the old ones have become a little more noticeable. I envy your positive attitude.



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    I had just a few little ones really low near my pubic bone from my far no new ones but those existing ones are itching like crazy. I cant keep enough lotion on hand to make the itch stop! Luckly the ones on my hips and thighs dont itch so bad. Im dying!!

  • I noticed my first ones last week. Back when I hit puberty overnight I got tons, so I don't know why I thought I'd get away without any. 14 weeks to go.
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  • FTM, up a whopping 30 pounds! Still don't notice any, but I'm sure they are coming. I got so many through puberty. I'm wondering if my weight loss prior to BFP is helping hold them off? Who knows... Guess I'll find out soon enough!

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  • @jessicainkentucky‌ I know my weight loss prior to pregnancy is helping. I hit third tri today and, not to gross anyone out, but I still have a surprising amount of loose skin. I really don't know if this baby is ever going to fill it and give me a smooth round belly. I'm putting off maternity photos hoping this will happen. People are still saying I'm not very big, and still have a little bit of a skin gold hanging over baby bump that's not too cute. :-/
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  • Try coaster oil to remove acne and stretch marks from the body.
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