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training for a tri AND toddlers

Hi ladies,

I am wondering if anyone has any experience and could give me some tricks and tips for training for a triathlon (sprint) with young toddlers at home. Oh and I should mention that I also work full-time. Thanks.

Re: training for a tri AND toddlers

  • I'm not a triathalon person because of the swimming, but I can speak to the time commitment because I run marathons with two small children at home and a full-time job. I workout 6 days a week, at 4:30AM. That's really the only tip/trick I have, is getting my ass out of bed.
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  • +1 on getting the workouts in early, before the rest of the family is up for the day.
    I'm also a marathon runner, and get up 4:30-4:45 to run. I know a couple of people who train at night after they put their kids to bed, but the thought of heading out for a run at 8:30-9pm is ridiculously unappealing to me. It's nice to have my run done first thing, and not have to stress about trying to fit it in later in the day.

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  • Thanks ladies - I guess I could/should have figured that this is really the only answer. I guess the next big question - how do you manage to get to bed early enough. I did my first ever spin class on Wednesday morning, which started at 6am - the getting up wasn't so much the issue but rather it was the exhaustion from going to bed at 11 the night before as well as Wednesday night. This is turning into a personal rant but maybe I have to adjust my expectations of what my 'night' routine is. A million thanks for your responses.
  • I do triathlons and have a 3 year old and a 1 year old.  I run with them in the double stroller after work.  I bike with them in the trailer either after work or on the weekends, and they go to the gym daycare on my swimming days.  OR..... my husband stays with them... especially on the weekends.  When I have long runs or rides, I start at 6 or 6:30AM and DH stays home with them until I'm done...usually 8 or 8:30.  Without him, there's no way I could do it.  I do sprints and olympic distance races.  I can't justify the training time away from my kids to do a half iron while they're this young.  :( 
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  • @dbadura01 thanks for the info. I have 3 22 months Olds so there is no bike carrier and the triple stroller weighs 50lbs to begin with let alone with the 75lbs I would add of baby but my DH is super supportive and over the last 2 weeks since I have seriously been starting to train he has been picking-up his share of mornings and evenings.
  • I am a triathlete (IM and ultradistance) and the key is finding a gym/pool with a childcare center.  If you can get up early, that's great, but there are times during your training where you will need to do two-a-days and need to work something out.

    DS usually goes to the gym childcare when I swim and run (our gym is next to a dedicated bike path).  I get my mid-week rides in (30-50 miles) over a long lunch at work.  On those days I usually come in early and leave later to make up the time.  Thankfully, we're on flex time with my job, where as long as you put your 40 hours in, they don't really care.  On my weekend long rides (100+ miles), DH watches DS.

    You can make it happen if you put your mind to it and you have to be flexible.  It can be hard for me sometimes, since DH also does ultradistance triathlon (double/triple Iron distance), so he puts in longer training hours than me.  We make it work, because it's an important part of our lives.


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  • I had planned on doing a tri, but switched to a du because of the swimming.  I am just not a strong swimmer and decided to skip it and stick to the run/bike/run.

    I work out 2 hours/day.  Luckily I go to a gym that watches my kids while I exercise.  I used to just ride the bike there and run on the treadmill, but was recently given permission to leave the kids there and exercise outside.  It has been amazing.  I can run/bike wherever I want.  I just keep my cell on my arm so if they call me, I can come back.  Well worth the $100/month I pay to go there.

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  • I just finished my first (sprint) tri Aug 10th (and just a few weeks pregnant) and I have a 2yr old at home. My training worked out with my longer distance biking on days my hubby was off work. I did my running either with the stroller or on the treadmill at the YMCA while she's in their day care. Swimming was all indoor pool, also at the Y and while she was in daycare. Occasionally I'd have my mom or MIL watch her on days I wanted to get out and run alone and outside or I'd just wait til she went down for night time sleep. 

    I'm usually just a run/walker and stick to 5k's but I think I'm hooked on tri's!
    Good luck to all doing them! 

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