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Hung. Over.

Fuuuuuuuuuuuuck me. I'm hung over as hell and DH is working today, 7a-7p which actually means he's gone 6a-8p :-( Heeeelp me.......

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Re: Hung. Over.

  • lol, I've been there. Water, Advil, and carbs. Hope you had fun!
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  • Is it wrong to suggest a little hair of the dog?  Just a little since you're home with the LO...  Feel better!!

    sjohns908jennbaylor12DRFleener[Deleted User]
  • Hehehehe...oh man! I'm simultaneously so sorry for you and slightly jealous of ALL THE DRINKS!! Gatorade! Lots of Gatorade!
    jennbaylor12[Deleted User]ladyglittersparkles
  • Go get yourself a bacon, egg and cheese! Hope you had a good time last night!!

  • Lots of fun was had last night :-) Thanks for the support ladies! DH suggested hair of the dog as well, turns my stomach just at the thought :-/ Slowly but surely getting better though

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    [Deleted User]
  • Gatorade and water!

  • mrsdahammmrsdahamm member
    edited June 2014

    I'd like to know why we are eating dog hair :/


    Edit- this makes wayyy more sense
  • I was hungover as well this morning and a McDonald's sausage biscuit with a coke cured that bitch. Hope you feel better soon.
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  • Laura8388 said:

    mrsdahamm said:

    I'd like to know why we are eating dog hair :/

    Not sure if to laugh at your joke or take you seriously and explain it........
    Fbw was probably joking. I was halfway serious. I figured we weren't "actually" eating dog hair, but wasn't familiar with the saying. Luckily I have my friend Dr Google ;)
    [Deleted User]ladyglittersparklessjohns908bennieangel
  • chocoroomchocoroom member
    edited June 2014
    I've read that sprite really helps for some reason!

    Eta: science

  • Another vote for mimosa with a large plate of eggs.

    My hubs thinks I'm nuts but I swear a Cobb salad + 20 minutes of jogging always cures me.
  • Hair of the dog, protein
    And coconut water used to help cure mine
  • jwls84jwls84 member
    This was me last weekend! Lots of water, Advil and carbs! Bananas will help a lot too!
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  • My favorite #1 most amazing hangover cure for my husband and I is top ramen. Mmmmm. It's the only thing my stomach will tolerate.

  • Emergen-c always seems to help me. Along with some greasiness from McDonald's of course

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  • UGH! Being hungover with a kid is the worse!
    Thread hijack alert: It was NYE 2012/2013. Dh and I were celebrating at his brother's and DS was staying the night with his mom. We both got super drunk. Then very early in the morning his mom called and said DS had a fever. We left his brother's around 7 or 8 and had to go home to take care of our sick toddler...incredibly hung over. It was the worst!!
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  • I'm late but I agree with Sprite!

    Ugh, I get hangovers sooo easy. I have suffered through too many things hungover. I get them wicked bad too. I would not be able to take care of a baby. I need to really be careful.


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  • @FarmBoysWife‌ hair of the dog is drinking whatever alcohol it is that you got drunk on. No eating of anything and especially dog hair. No one wants a hairball on top of a hangover....


    Or really just alcohol in general. Even if you got drunk off vodka shots I think it'd still count as hair of the dog to have a mimosa or bloody mary the next morning. ;-)
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  • @jennbaylor12‌ is today a better day for you? ;)
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  • @jennbaylor12‌ is today a better day for you? ;)

    Lol, yes, thank you :-) I was actually much improved by noon, but man - 0530-1200 was rough! Lesson learned (sort of ;-) )

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