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Hello and intro

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Hi ladies,

Quick intro...as I would like to join your group. Baby girl was born March 7 by emergency c-section (no, really...it was an emergency. I developed preeclampsia that week and my BP was 201/118!) I had hoped for a granola natural birth but when I went in for a NST my midwife ordered...results kept getting worse and worse, and the rest is history!

Despite the odds, delayed milk, and that terrible magnesium sulfate the Drs had me on to prevent seizures, I slowly was able to supplement less and less...and now she drinks breastmilk exclusively (a big deal silent victory <:-P )

She sleeps with us, in our bed. We have a pillow roll on her side. I sleep in the middle. We also use a Snuza so we can be sure she is able to breathe. The ergo is my friend and she spends a lot of happy time in it cooing or napping.

I look forward to getting involved and learning a lot about attachment parenting from all of you!

Edit: also, I am a FTM
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