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I mean...I might as well be a single mom.




I heard this funny stuff today at the gym. This gal at my Zumba class said her husby travels all the time for work so she might as well be a single parent. I wanted to die. I mean, I get it. It sucks a big one to have three kids and your husband gone all the time...BUT YOU HAVE ANOTHER INCOME. I can assume a pretty good one since your husband travels all over the world for long periods of time and he's still doing it even though the job sucks or whatever. She made me stabby anyway from the start bc she reminded me of my ex MIL (Manchild's mom). I'm sure she is just lonely and means well, but it made me pissed.

I mean I wasn't a parent when I was a milspouse but that shit sucks too. Yes another income but a shitty one and not knowing if your husband was going to be alive or dead from day to day sucked big time. And for a year at a time...might as well be a single mom sure.   

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Re: I mean...I might as well be a single mom.

  • Yeah that shit makes me mad but i try to ignore it. There is no point in letting it get to me
  • Yeah, my friends who are moms don't say shit like that around me, thank god. At least, not yet. My dad has lots of friends in the local government and he's a blabber mouth, so lots of people in the area know of my situation and just avoid that topic. Guess I'm lucky?
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  • Mostly its clients or aqquaintences who say it to me. And then i tell them im a single mom and they get all awkward and uncomfortable because they know theyll get no sympathy from me
  • My friends have said this to me. It's annoying but I don't get stabby.
    I mean, for those of us who have BDs who have some type if visitation or custody with some child support - how do you feel about that? I still consider myself a single mom but I do get some relief from time to time.
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    If I had something, I might not feel this way but because ManChild has never seen E or paid a dime, he can go to hell. I am currently extra stabby bc E was basically STTN last week and now is waking up every 2-2.5 hours to eat. 4 months of this...I'm totally over it.

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  • Sleep like that, especially when doing it alone, can make a mom BSC for sure!
    I don't think you are wrong in any way for feeling the way you do. I was more asking because maybe my situation could be seen as not technically a "single mom" either.
  • So I don't hear this often because most of my friends are single moms and the ones that are not usually say they admire single moms because its hard even when there are two and assume as a single parent you have to work both jobs. I have struggled as a single mom for a while and honestly its not cake ever but I am blessed to have a great support system and I don't feel alone in my parenting because I have such great friends to help.

    Youd be amazed at the dip shits i know. Most the time i roll my eyes and walk away.
  • When the ex and I was together (and having our problems), I was so pressed not to leave him because I did not want to be a single mom. I hated when I would have my mom say, "You are already a single are doing everything on your own anyway". And my mom WAS A SINGLE MOM so I was shocked to hear her say that... The ex was an over the road truck driver and gone often and when he was home, no help at all but still, that was unfair in my opinion.

    But I guess I am lucky that I dont hear too many comments like that because I have understanding friends and/or I know a lot of single parents.
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  • Ok so I just make these people awkward ;) Oh yeah I know when my other half comes home to help me with kids or housework or paying bills I feel like a single mum too ;) Oh wait no that doesn't happen hmmm Yep when my kid is sick and up all night i calll hmmmmm yeah my mum and dad if anyone :/ Oh yeah I'm going to grow old with hmmmmmmm oh wait no one, So I'm sorry that currently your partner isn't with you 24/7 my partner does not exist etc etc etc I do it with a dead pan face and so much sarcasm its fantastic fun ;) If they really pip me off I suggest they just make it official and file for divorce, since they are all alone and unemotionally attached and married to such drop kicks, it just makes sense!!!!! Oh people just crack me up!
  • Hahahaha omg this shall be my new response
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