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Tips for blowing their nose?

Does anyone have tips to get your toddler to blow their nose? My 2-yr old DD has a horrible runny nose, and I can't get her to blow her nose out. She just wants to blow out with her mouth, and I've tried to tell her to close her mouth and blow with her nose, but it's just not working. Any great advice out there?

Re: Tips for blowing their nose?

  • I wish I had a great piece of advice.. but the only thing I can think of is to just use the booger sucker thing from when your toddler was an infant. Just keep trying to patiently explain it each time. My son has finally understood what I mean, but he won't blow hard enough through his nose to accomplish anything.
  • If you haven't already, give a demonstration a try.  I don't even use a tissue, just keep my mouth closed and try to be as noisy as I can pushing air through my nose and he was able to mimic that well enough to get some snot out.
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  • We usually will hold closed one nostril at a time and make a nose blowing sound (like a huff through the nostrils) so she can see not to blow through her mouth.

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  • We turned it into a game where our son had to make people (who live far away) hear him blow through his nose.  If all else fails, I'd use a suction.  I highly recommend the nose frida!
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    My daughter screams and cranks her head all the way to the side if I get anywhere near her with the "booger sucker." I feel like even when we used it on her as an infant, it worked for 5-10 minutes, then it all came back again. I just can't get across to her what it means to blow the snot out. I've tried demos, making a game of blowing the Kleenex, closing one nostril at a time, everything suggested. I think I'll just keep trying. My sister has 8 year old twins who still can't blow their noses quite right, and yet she has a 3 year old that can blow like a champ. Go figure.
  • Put some flour on a plate and show them how you can make it move by blowing with your nose. Then make her try. Its a fun but messy way to show them visually what you mean, instead of explaining it and going based on noise.

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