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Birth control

I'm on the mini pill now cuz of breast feeding, but am looking into getting the Mirena implanted. Has any one ever had that and what were your periods like?

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  • I had the Mirena after the birth of my son. It was alright. I had light 3 day periods every month. My attitude wasn't the best though. After I took it out I felt so much better.
    I have the Paragard now and I like it a lot more. My periods were heavy for a few months but it's evening out now. I'll take dealing with periods over the hormones any day.

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    I'm on the mini pill now and getting Mirena next week.  I haven't had any bad reactions to the mini pill or anything, I just worry about my ability to take it at the same time every single day.  Also, I kind of like the idea of not having to worry about refilling prescriptions all the time.
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    get it. 

    I got pregnant with #2 on the mini-pill, using it perfectly, still breastfeeding and having not gotten a period.
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