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My intro :) thanks for having me :)

Hi ladies :)

Yay I figured this out :) a bit sleep deprived ATM but welcome to motherhood :)
So my story is pretty simple girl meets boy and they become kinda friends, nine months later girl and boy go out with a group of people get really hammered and be a tad irresponsible ! Say hello to our beautiful boy nine months after that haha!
Still friends with baby daddy, but now we share our son :) and best all we do it together! (in a sense)
So I always have my son and his father stays with us every weekend and sleeps in the spare room and we do things kinda like a family but just we aren't together! Hope that makes sense?
We get along and sometimes it's fantastic but yeah sometimes it's very very confusing :/
I hope we can keep up the good arrangement for our son who is our pride and joy :)
Our son is one tomorrow and currently we are trying to put his rocking horse together, we are both not made for construction lol
I'm looking forward to getting to know you all, I have lurked for awhile and think your all super fab!!!!!
Thank you for making me feel so welcome!
Anything you want to know please ask and I will of course try to contribute as much as I can :)
Otherwise I'm living with my family, studing part time in early childhood and raising my little guy full time and loving every second of it! Gone are the days of actually having money and free time, now I'm broke in material things but so very very very rich in love and family I've never been happier!

Re: My intro :) thanks for having me :)

  • What are your feelings on ranch dressing, harry potter, and what male celebrity do you want to climb like a tree
  • Hahaha! ^^ That's a true welcome post, feel honored @OneBlessedMumma‌! People don't often impress us so easily! Welcome!
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  • What @roxalot said, weve become very tight knit and i think a bit more snarky in the last couple months. But you seem like a fun one who will fit in well with our group
  • ok so flying by the seat of my pants here i hope i get this right!!!!!!!

    Ranch dressing - spread that on everything, salads, hot chips, on my sandwhich, dont forget the bacon and the cheese mmmmmmm i hope that wasnt code for anything else or i may come off as creepy ;) especially now i have added the wink face! you should note its not a common dressing in OZ its a bit of a novelty!

    Harry Potter rocks my socks, i love a bit of wizdard! my sister is actually still positive she should have recieved her letter via owl, I just like to think yu can turn people into toads that pip you off! big thumbs up from this lady :) plus i kinda have a crush on Ron, i know he has red hair but he's such a dork its adorable!

    Male celeb hmmmmmm ok Ryan Renyolds in all his blade glory, Ryan Gosling forr crazy sexy love and some home grown Aussie meat Liam Hemsworth, he made me really really want to be in the hunger games!  i can onky narrow the selction down to these three, i dont want to give up any of them ;)

    so i hope i got at least one favourable response hehehe if i didnt thanks for letting me play ladies im going sit in the coner and eat my ranch dressing and ugly cry!!!!

  • it would be a gif but im still trying to work out how to upload that haha baby steps if we make it past my introduction i promise to get more skills!
  • Id gif you but im almost out of data so when i have wifi ill be back with gifs.

    I also am a potterhead, and you can have ron, im a draco kinda girl. Have you gotten sorted on pottermore? Im in slytherine.

    I agree about ryan gosing, but im all about charlie hunam. And i like chris hemsworth.

    You can be forgiven for the ranch, i used to like it until my xh happened
  • Im back with gifs of shirtless men


    And this is why.
  • Hi welcome to the group!!
    I have an embarrassing question - don't laugh - where is OZ??
  • @Mrslynnyd i believe its somewhere in australia since she mentioned liam hemsworth and the hemsworth brothers are austalian
  • I'm in the minority here. I like ranch dressing. WELCOME!
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    Throwing leaves <3
  • Hey ladies sorry my mum has dragged us on a lovely holiday with my little guy! Down side patchy internet and a dodgy phone :/
    Ummm keep the sexy naked men coming that will never get old!!!! I Appreciate the use of data :)
    As for the OZ thing it's an abbreviation for Australia :) I'm from Sydney and I spell mum with a u please don't judge. Me :p
    Btw Chris hemsworth used to be on a local drama home and away here, to which no matter how many times he is Thor I can only see him as Kit hahaha
    Pottermore account unfortunately I don't have but my sisters have at least two accounts so I know what your talking about :) I'm not a massive computer person to be honest I seem to repell them :/
    But it won't stop me on here lol :)
    And im so glad someone else likes ranch dressing hahaha I'm not alone in this world ;)
  • Um im pretty freakin excited to have an iternational bumpie here so once i have wi fi ill be back with more shirtless men
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