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Blueberry Freestyle Swim Diaper?

Anybody tried this? How does it fit? DS is about 28 pounds. He wears BG 4.0s all the way unsnapped for the rise and for the waist there are 2 empty snaps between. 

Size large in the Blueberry Freestyle Swim Diaper says 26-40 pounds, I'm concerned since he's on the low end it will be too big. But I don't want to get size medium because he's right at the max weight.

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Re: Blueberry Freestyle Swim Diaper?

  • I haven't used it, but my vote goes to the large size. Since it's just to contain poop it doesn't have to have the snuggest fit, and with trunks/a swimsuit over it, I'm sure it would work just fine.
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