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S/O meltdowns

Ever since she had a meltdown a little over a week ago when we didn't have a paci in the middle of the night, DD has had about 3 or 4 others.

They always happen in the middle of the night, and I can't pinpoint the cause. I am not sure if she is having nightmares or night terrors, or if it is a something sensory related. She has tantrums sometimes during the day, occasionally a more significant meltdown, but the worst are always the middle of the night.

Has anyone else had this? Any suggestions on pinpointing triggers? She will calm down and then try to lay down but as soon as she starts to lay, it's like she gets triggered all over again. She thrashes and reaches for me, but then if I touch or hold her, it makes her thrash more. It's like she wants me to hold her but then can't stand it.

Re: S/O meltdowns

  • She seems awake, but I am not 100% positive. Thank you for the link
  • The pedi hasn't been any help really. Out OT helped a lot today. She does have a lot of sensory issues and recently broke her leg, and the sleep issues started soon after being out of the cast. She noticed DD is guarding that leg a lot still and she thinks the stress and over-stimulation from how she is moving while guarding that leg is probably making her much more sensitive to stimuli.

    DD was much more relaxed after the OT worked with her today and was walking much better after our appointment already. Hopefully it helps. Our OT is a miracle worker, I swear.
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  • McRib said:

    are their any GI issues? My son would wake up screaming frequently before we realized he had GI issues.

    I do wonder if it is a GI thing, but I haven't seen any obvious signs that it is
  • -auntie- said:

    It does sound more like night terrors. Especially the part where your involvement makes the situation worse.

    My guess is that this is more of a coincidence, but there's also the sensory possibility. A full length cast would act a bit like a weighted vest or blanket. It could be she's become dependent on the weight and feels disregulated without it. She's also at the age when a lot of littles on spectrum are flipping out as they transition from long sleeves and pants to short ones.
    Very good points. Thank you
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