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clothesline question

I primarily hang dry our clothes.  Partly to decrease dryer usage and partly for our clothes (shrinkage, pilling, diaper PUL, etc.).  However since we are a family of 5 with 2 in cloth, our laundry room is soo crowded with hanging clothes all the time that nothing gets dry.  We have a ceiling fan in there and also put another fan in there sometimes-no help.  So with that and the weather being nice I would like to start line drying outside.  Our HOA does not have any restrictions however no one else in the neighborhood has any kind of clothesline.  I was thinking that a retractable clothesline may be the best.  My questions are: is there a difference in which retractable clothesline I get or are they pretty much equal as far as quality and function?  And are there any other outdoor drying options that are easily concealable that I should consider?

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  • SecretAgentKate that is one of the drying racks we had in our laundry room.  A couple days ago I took it outside and it works much better out there.  

    It's reviews are not perfect...but I have yet to find one that gets perfect reviews.  Thoughts anyone!?!
  • We just put two hooks (one on the fence one on the house) and a line to put up to use and take down when done. Our HOA doesn't allow much either so we can kinda hide this. Less cumbersome than the drying rack. Works great!

  • You actually try to line dry even if it's raining?


  • We have one like this and it works great.

    I can hang a load of diapers on one line and a load of clothes or towels on the other line and both stay pretty taut. Diapers are dry in 3ish hours on a sunny or dry windy day (we live in the land of rain, England! So line drying inside can take FOR.EVER. if it's raining.)
    That's a good one!  And less of a money commitment in case I don't like outdoor line drying.  I will consider this one as well.  Thanks!
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