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Used 4.0's leaking---question!!

Hi there, I am new to the board and have a question for all of you guys! I decided to start cd'ing with my newborn. He is now 3.5 weeks and 8.5lbs. Got a couple diff kinds and loved BG 4.0. Found a great deal-20 for 200 with extra liners and sprayer, etc. they are a year old and look brand new---here's the thing- turns out they are an inch longer from the elastic being slightly stretched out and he leaks right out of them!!! What do I do???? Is it worth it for me to resell them and buy all new??! I am so bummed. Not sure when he would grow into them. You wouldn't even know they are stretched out unless u compare them with mine. I thought people used these on multiple kids so I didn't consider this even being an issue. Any input would be greatly appreciated!!! TIA
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Re: Used 4.0's leaking---question!!

  • You can replace the elastic, but your baby is likely too small for them anyways.
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    Agreed, replacing the elastic is pretty easy.

    I also found that most of my pockets didn't fit well until 10 pounds or about 2 months.
  • He fit into the new ones I had without leaks so that's why I was curious. I am seeing all the replacement elastic stuff online!! Thanks- I am going to look into that!!!
    May the Fourth Be With You: Our 5-4-14 Baby: Andrew Joseph
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