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Thank god!  I've been so tired all week!

Last night my friend came over because I said "let's cook for your birthday!" since I totally am an asshole and missed it.  So, I got most of it prepared by the time she came over and for some reason, I guess the visit wasn't going to last long... But she didn't leave until 9:30!! And, while I was trying to get DD to go to bed, she was talking to me in her loud booming normal voice instead of being a little quieter since I WAS TRYING TO PUT DD TO SLEEP. I mean, I love this girl to death, but damn it, be quieter when a baby is sleeping or being put to sleep!

I also have so much work to do today and I just don't have the energy to get it done. And BF is sick, so I won't see him today.

But at least this week is over. Tomorrow my mom is coming over and we'll be finishing up my shadow box (hopefully) and then I have to find a place to hang it...
^^ That's about all the energy I will have to celebrate with when it's finished and hung up somewhere.
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Re: Frrrriiiiiiiidaaaaaayyy!!

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    @Roxalot Maybe you'll get your end of the week Friday at 5:00 second wind!  Here's hoping!

    @Beccaga16 Good for you with the dog.  It was hard getting my own dog to not eat DDs stuffed animals because the dog is a hoarder and LOOOOVES her stuffed animals.  It's worked out, though, and I hope it works out for your step-dog.  :D

    I have an interview next Tuesday!  Here's hoping for more money, more vacation time, and better insurance. Oh, and computers that don't SUCK ASS!  It's another HR job at one of the other factories in town so will still be super close to home.  \o/
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    Thanks!  I also need luck finding a shirt in my closet that will cover the tattoo on my forearm.  Maybe I should just go shopping tomorrow.  I hate clothes shopping for myself.  :((
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  • I hate my sister's dog. She does that eating toys shit ALL THE TIME. She's eaten all of DD's Barbies and chewed up the crown of one of her Frozen dolls. I mean..I hate her for more reasons than that, but the destruction is just the icing on the cake.
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    Throwing leaves <3
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    OMG if my coworker asks me ONE MORE TIME the question I've already answered fifteen times I'm going to punch her in the face!

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  • My list of fuck its is too long, and i still have school tomorrow and only one day off. So.

    Fuuuuuuuuuck it
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    I'm indulging in my first alcoholic beverage in about 2 minutes. S T O K E D. Picked up some Abita Purple Haze, popped in Dear John, & I'm going to enjoy every last sip while thinking WHY IN THE HELL CAN'T LIFE BE LIKE THIS MOVIE and WHY HASN'T CHANNING TATUM'S TWIN KNOCKED ON MY DOOR????????????

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    MinnesotaMomma91[Deleted User]
  • @eg214 you can have channing tatum, i want jax teller picking me up on his harley amd fucking me on it. I need more sex
    [Deleted User]
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    LMAO @minnesotamomma91. I have no idea who that is. Guessing someone from PLL? 

    PCOS // Loss 3/2010 // Single Mom // Natural Birth // DC Metro // Baby Girl Born 2/2/2014
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    @eg214 Jax teller, charlie hunnams charecter in sons of anarchy. He can son my anarchy any time he wants
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