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Fabric softener help

I received a quilt for baby and it smelled so strongly of detergent that I wanted to rewash it...then I realized the fragrance was fabric softener. Now all the blankets I washed with it have the same smell and the few loads of laundry I've done after it smell like it as well. The fragrance is in my washer and dryer now too. I swear she must've used an entire bottle!!
I suppose I'll do some hot water strips and air the laundry outside but any tips on how to remove the fragrance and residue from my machines?? My due date is tomorrow and I anticipate having some CDs to wash any day now :)

Re: Fabric softener help

  • Wipe both down with 50/50 vinegar and water then leave the doors open to dry. 

    Great idea. I was struggling to think past Lysol wipes. Thanks!
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  • Or if your washer has a "tub clean" cycle, you can run that with some bleach or vinegar. There may also be a pump that you can clean out. There are lots of good online tutorials if you google the make of your washer. Although, if yours is at the floor level like mine, you may want to get YH or someone else to do it so you're not stranded on a potentially slick floor. (I usually make a mess when I clean mine.)


  • No cleaning cycle but I can definitely do it manually (top loader) with a vinegar or bleach wash and some scrub brushes.
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