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Very low baby at 14 weeks

I had a cerclage (cervical stitch) yesterday, so they checked baby's heartbeat 5 times throughout the day to make sure baby handled everything ok. I got comments from every nurse, and from an ultrasound tech last week, about how baby is really low. Baby's heartbeat is found right at my c-section incision line--right along the top of the pubic hair line. The one nurse even mentioned that she usually finds 7-8 week babies this low, but they've usually moved up by now. I guess I'm just worried about it, because my cervix shortened last time and I went into preterm labor, so that seems even more likely to happen if baby is sitting right on my cervix.

I'm just wondering if anyone else's baby was really low (this late or later), and what the outcome was. Did baby move up eventually? Did you deliver early or on time?

I will ask the nurse tomorrow when I call in (for something else) tomorrow. Just wondering other people's experiences.

Re: Very low baby at 14 weeks

  • My baby has been low my whole pregnancy, and since about 17 weeks he has been head down with his head right on my cervix. My cervix has shortened considerably, and I am on bed rest but I also do not have a cerclage (it was too late to place it when my cervix shortened). 

    I don't think it is an issue because even with my shortening cervix without a cerclage the doctors were not concerned about how low he was. If you are concerned you can always ask your doctor. 

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  • My first child was very low my entire pregnancy. I had no cervical shortening so I cannot speak on that but I went full term. My son was born one day before he was due. The only complication I had due to him being SO low was that my pelvic bone separated too far.
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  • ManadaManada member
    Our Twin A is very low still at 18 weeks. I would prefer they moved up a bit to take some pressure off the cervix but can't really do much about it.... The Dr doesn't seem super concerned though.
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  • My cerclage went in at 17weeks and a few days- cervical measurement was at 1.0cm at the time of placement. Baby was head down right against the cervix at that appointment and in the 19weeks that I stayed pregnant beyond cerclage placement she never moved up. Always head down, always right on top of the cervix, always low low low.

    She is technically a preemie (36weeks and 5 days) but came 2 days after a standard cerclage removal and spent no time in the NICU. The only two preemie "issues" she had were a moderately low birth weight (5lbs,13oz) and a hard time nursing for the first two weeks.
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  • My first pregnancy baby was head down the whole time and I did have shortening, but I also had pre-e and that is what caused my preterm labor.  This pregnancy baby is head down, however, my cervix has stayed stable and was still 3.1 at 25 weeks.  I am now 28 weeks and he won't measure me anymore since it is too late for a cerclage and everything seemed stable.  I can tell you that I have incredible pressure and my pelvis is stretching which is super uncomfortable.  As long as she stays put for about 9 more weeks though I could care less!  Good luck to you!
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