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Boy Potty Logistics

Can someone please explain how your boy sits and pees on the toilet. Yes seriously, I'm really asking. My DS is bigger, not huge, but apparently has large thighs. He is fine sitting on the little plastic frog potty, but that is about it. I have 3 rings - one with a splash guard, one without, and a travel one. None are very effective. Also, public toilets are the worst. If I do not completely remove his pants and pull up, he is just sitting there with his thighs touching and definitely nothing pointing down.

Is there a trick I am missing??

DD Nov 2010 ~ DS June 2012

Re: Boy Potty Logistics

  • Push him back a little farther.  Far enough where his thighs spread and his penis is not pointing at your face or clothing.  My son has to sit far enough back where he balances his hands on his thighs or  (shudder) the toilet seat in front of him.

    The bjorn potty ring definitely makes things easier for him, but I don't carry it around with me, so if we're not at home, this is what we do.
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  • shannmshannm member
    I agree with PP, have him sit back further.  
    DS still sits at home (family choice) and he sits back, thighs a little apart and pushes his penis down to aim it if necessary.  He trained with the bjorn potty ring.
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  • Thanks. Boys are much more difficult. I was still blown away when I realized that I had to pull his pants off... And apparently I need to head to amazon for the bjorn potty ring.

    DD Nov 2010 ~ DS June 2012
  • I have cot remove his pants and undies off of one leg while in public and at home. But now he's started to stand up at home and lean over the potty while holding on to the lid c
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  • We just trained my son to stand up, almost from the beginning. He does very well with it and isn't really messy. He just stands on a kids step and aims down. 
  • For me, it was easier to show him how by having him sit. That way he can go #1 or 2 all at the same time. The nursery workers at my church introduced him to standing. I am not against it of course, it was just easier for me. So now that he stands ("like daddy does") he thinks he's something special! (He is, but still. lol) My son prefers to take his shorts and underwear off completely when he sits, so maybe doing that too will help your boy?
  • DS pees standing up.  At home, we have a step stool that he pushes up to the toilet.

    When we are away from home, he kneels on the toilet seat (I hold him) and he pees into it. 

    If he has to go #2, he uses a potty seat at home.  It has the splash guard and DS knows to "Tuck it down" before going pee.

    If he has to go #2 away from home, I hold him to kneel and pee first, then he sits down and I hold him so he doesn't fall in.

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  • We are about to start on this journey so my tip isn't one I have tried but it seems like a good idea for your situation. A friend of mine taught her kids to sit backwards on the toilet and hold on to the tank. That will force his legs to be spread far enough apart but he will still have something to hold onto that isn't as gross as the seat itself. Like I said, I haven't had to test this out yet so who knows if it will work.
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