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Right to Prior Notice

Some of you may remember my post a couple months ago about moving from another state and transferring our IEP. Long story short the district agreed to slightly increase our minutes from the 30 they had previously offered (we had 120 before we moved) and do their own evaluation. Tomorrow is our IEP to review the evaluation. I have already reviewed the evaluation and he tested fine in all areas besides 76 on syntax (part of expressive speech) and rated as only about 55% intelligible by a familiar listener (he is 4 is a couple months). I feel like nothing will surprise me anymore with this district and I want to be prepared. If the district tries to drop our minutes again I would like to request prior notice but wanted to ask advice on the best way to do this. Should I bring a letter just in case or wait until the meeting to request verbally and then send follow up email? I just want to make sure I am interpreting IDEA correctly...basically what I am looking for is a rationale in writing as to any reduction in minutes and not agreeing to any individual therapy time. Hope this makes sense.

Re: Right to Prior Notice

  • I have worked in school districts as a PT for many years, so I can offer an opinion from the other side.  I would definitely take a letter with you.  I would also request that the director of special education is present/chairing your meeting.  The last thing any director wants is a lawsuit and in my experience, they would rather agree to the minutes than fight it.

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