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Ergo Infant Insert

I don't normally post here but thought you ladies would be the best to ask about this. I used a K'Tan and Baby Bjorn with dd. I did not like the Bjorn so I got an Ergo for baby #2. I have read really mixed reviews about the infant insert and wanted some insight from you. Is it worth getting or should I just use my K'Tan until he is big enough for the Ergo without the insert. TIA!

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  • I loved my infant insert - we used the ergo immediately when we got home from the hospital and the insert was great for the first 3ish months.  But I didn't have a K'Tan to compare it to :)
  • AlikiAliki member
    I dont have the K'Tan to compare it to, but I use the Moby Wrap and the Ergo and my DH likes the Bjorn. I use the Ergo right away with the insert, because when they are little, you will need the insert or they are too tiny in the Ergo. I knwo some people who just use a rolled up towel in lieu of the baby insert.
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  • ncbellencbelle member
    You will need something for the ergo if you want to use it before baby fits without.  It's purpose is to fill out the carrier so that baby doesn't slump or sink too low.  You can use a rolled blanket in it's place, particularly once baby wants to be "legs out" but still needs a boost up so as to not be buried in the carrier.
  • I used a wrap and ring sling while she was tiny, because the infant insert was HOT. I'm on mobile, so can't see your siggy, but if you're expecting a summer baby, I might stick with the k'tan. Also, my DD was tiny, so couldn't even meet the weight requirement for the infant insert for 2 months. Just something to consider, if you make smaller babies :)
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  • Thanks ladies! I may try using a blanket or just stick with the K'Tan initially. DD was less than six pounds and it looks like he will be a small baby too so I would hate to get the insert and not be able to use it for awhile.
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