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Saying Hello.

Hello everyone,
my name is Ashley and I am a FTM, my son was born april 25 2014, I've never been particularly eco friendly ( never against it just didnt know how to live that way)
But for him, my husband and I have decided we will try are hardest to raise him eco friendly and change our ways for the better. We have started small by taking back all the J&J and taking back our regular diapers, I am interested in cloth diapering but for now we are using babyorganics. I would love some tips or advice on how you and your family live!
I know this board is less active then others but I apperciate any feedback!
I look forward to being on this board!

Re: Saying Hello.

  • Hi. I have a few suggestions for you. is a great place to start learning about the safety or household products and baby products. Honest Company and Earth Mama Angel Baby have some great products . Or, better yet, make your own! I just made bug spray because I couldn't find anything that wasn't full of chemicals and didn't reek. Grow your own fruits and veggies, if possible. Buy local and organic. Good luck!
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