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Birth control after miscarriage/D&C

Hi ladies,

I just had a D&C on Friday. We found out I had a missed miscarriage at my 9 week appointment, this was my first pregnancy and we conceived naturally at 42. We are absolutely heartbroken but we are ready to see another BFP soon.  The dr. told us to wait for at least one cycle.  What type of birth control did you use until you were ready to try again?  I have not been on any BC for the past year and this was a "surprise" miracle that we hope can happen again.  I really didn't think I would ever be a mom and getting pregnant for the first time only reinforced how much I would love to be. I loved being pregnant for even the short time I was but already nervous to think about how I will feel if I am blessed with another pregnancy.  The worry is enough to make my hair turn completely gray!

Re: Birth control after miscarriage/D&C

  • We only had to wait one cycle so condoms for us.
    Me- 29, DH - 28
    BFP #1 9/27/2013, EDD 6/10/2014, Mmc 11/01/2013, completed with misoprostol 11/8/2013
    BFP #2 2/5/2014, EDD 10/15/2014, Lillian Verletta born 10/23/14
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  • Pull out method.... We didn't have to for long though because we had to abstain after the d&c for 2- 3 weeks I think?

    Off BC, NTNP since June 2011

    Started acupuncture/herbs July 2012 

    First BFP 9-8-2012,EDD 5-15-2013, heartbeat of 175 at 8w2d, mmc discovered on 10-26-12 (11w6d) Cytotec on 10/26/12

    8/23/13 DX with non-IR PCOS

    Second BFP 9.12.13, EDD 5.29.14, heartbeat of 114 at 6w1d, mmc discovered on 10-18-13, D&C on 10/23/13 (baby girl/Trisomy 10) 

    Third BFP (surprise at Beta draw after d&c) on 1/10/14 (15dpo), EDD 9.20.14 Please be our RAINBOW!

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  • Condoms for one cycle.
    TTC Since July 2013
    BFP #1 8/8/13, EDD 4/16/14
    MMC discovered on 9/18/13 @ 10w, baby measuring 9w. D&C on 9/26/13

    BFP #2 12/7/13
    , EDD 8/12/13. It's a girl!
    Caroline Marie born 8/20/14. 8lbs 11oz, 21 inches and perfect!

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    We also only had to wait one cycle, so it was also just condoms for us as well. 

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    NT Scan 1/6/14 at 12w 6d, normal healthy squirmy baby measuring right on track heartbeat of 147bpm
    1st 2nd tri Scan 2/3/14 at 16w 6d, very healthy baby BOY!
    A/S 3/4/14 still a very healthy BOY, measuring right on track!
    DS born 7/9/14

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