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Postpartum Pulmonary Embolism

Postpartum pulmonary embolism :( In July of 2013 I was 5 weeks postpartum and ended up with a blood clot in my lung.. fast forward 10 months we are now pregnant with our 3rd child.  I called today to schedule an appointment with my midwife and was devastated when lady on the phone told be that I could no longer see my midwife that I am now high risk. I had a consultation with a high risk OB and I already feel as if she is trying to over manage and dictate my birth by scheduling numerous US, and a visit with perinatology , and who knows what more they will want to throw in the pot.  I feel smothered but because of my insurance am forced to be seen within the practice at my work. any suggestions.  I am not naive to my situation however I think that may women forget that birth is a billion dollar industry and we have all become victims to it. any advice or comments are welcomed. thanks for listening.

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  • You had a pulmonary embolism, and as you know these can be fatal if not caught in time. So I'm sure they're just trying to be as cautious as possible and the extra monitoring may be annoying but it could be life saving. People who have had a past embolism are more prone to another so more precuatiinary measures should make you more comfortable, not less. Best of luck!
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  • I struggle with a clotting disorder and it isn't just about keeping me safe but making sure I don't get a clot that end up hurting my baby.

    I can appreciate you feeling smothered and micro managed, you still have choices though. I would suggest listening to everything your ob and MFM tells you, then make an informed decision rather than just trusting everything will be okay.
  • It is not that I don't appreciate high risk OB doctors I do.  however working in the medical field there are A LOT of things that go on unnoticed to the untrained eye that normal patients wouldn't question. There are wonderful providers and then some that are not.  My best piece of advice is do your research, if you are told you have a certain condition check it out at a credited site, and remember that 5 doctors will have 5 different opinions.   I guess I am more frustrated with the fact that I can  no longer be seen my midwife with whom I have history with and that I trust and care for very much. there is a lot to be said about a doctor knowing their patients history, beliefs, and code of ethics.  I am just trying to sort out in my head  the beautiful non intervened birth that I had hoped, wanted, dreamed of  will never be. And that my most complicated pregnancy and delivery will be spent with a stranger. call me selfish maybe I am. I do know that I am very lucky to have 2 healthy and happy children and am alive to watch them grow.  Just trying to get used to the way that things have to be and adjust to my new situation.
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