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behavior changes

Hi, DD is almost 2 and recently she has started screaming anytime DH talks to me. I mostly SAH, so she spends most of the time alone with me. When DH comes home around 5pm, she gets super excited, but somewhat jealous - which is probably why she screams when he talks to me.
I tell her calmly that screaming is not nice and to stop, that she needs to wait for her turn to talk. DH thinks I am being too soft. I believe that if I want to teach that screaming is wrong, then I should not do it, right?
Anyway, does your toddler change behavior once your SO comes home? How do you deal with it?
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Re: behavior changes

  • I agree.  I would tell her once calmly not to scream and then ignore her till she calms down.  Is she getting some good one on one time with daddy when he gets home?  I'd make sure of that.  Otherwise, it's just a phase that will be over soon (hopefully!).
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