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Life Jacket?

I want to get Ez his own life jacket this year... MIL lives on a lake and has a few, but I want one just for him. 
He's right at 30lbs...  I kinda want to get the one with the back part that would keep their head afloat, but those are on infant ones that go up to 30lbs... the child ones are just the regular ones...

Unless he has a HUGE growth spurt, I don't anticipate him getting above 32lbs this summer....

Rylee - 3.28.08
Malakai - 8.3.09
Ezra - 12.1.11 ASD

Re: Life Jacket?

  • Have you tried Puddle Jumpers? https://www.amazon.com/Stearns-Puddle-Jumper-Basic-Jacket/dp/B003648O7I

    DS loved his and it made a huge difference in acclimating him to deeper water. The design keeps him straight up and down instead of normal jackets that allow him to tip backwards. They are coast guard approved for riding in a boat, but not for towing behind the boat- i.e. we wears a regular vest if he's going tubing.

    EmAre[Deleted User]
  • EmAreEmAre member
    I was also going to suggest Puddle Jumpers. My daughter is able to "swim" almost by herself in one (with very limited exposure to swimming) and they are also Coast Guard rated, so they are safe to use on a boat.
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