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Recovering from fractured leg

I saw the discussion below related to casting, and I also had some similar questions, hoping you all would point me in the right direction. DD had a fractured tib / fib and was in a cast up to her thigh for about 4 weeks. She has been out for a full week now and still won't hardly even bear weight on it. Ortho said it usually only takes a couple days before kids are back to walking, but she has both low muscle tone and difficulty with motor planning.

She gets PT at school, but it's only 1/2 hour to hour per week.

Should I call to get a referral for out-patient PT? We have been doing a lot of range of motion and encouraging her to stand up with support from us quite frequently, I have also been doing gentle stretching with it just to get it moving, but we don't seem to be making any progress ourselves. She doesn't cry out like she is in pain, but as soon as you let go of her foot or leg she takes weight right off of it (she is non-verbal so she can't tell me if it's hurting, etc).

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