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First period and tampons

I was surprised to see I started my period today. LO will be 8 weeks tomorrow and I EBF. At my 5 week appointment I was not cleared for sex due to some stitches not being dissolved yet. Any thoughts on me being able to use a tampon now? I still haven't attempted sex yet. TIA
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Re: First period and tampons

  • I used pads when I got my first period...just wanted to make sure everything flushed out! I'm sure tampon use is safe.
  • At 8 weeks I think it'd be okay.
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  • I got my first period at 7.5 weeks and used tampons without any problems. I was cleared just a few days before it started for sex so I would imagine by now you should be good. Maybe try it and alternate throughout the day?
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  • cnbeancnbean member
    I wouldn't, but that's just me. 
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  • Ya if i get my period anytime soon id feel more comfortable using pads at the moment also because i know i had a few stitches not dissolved last week at my 6 week appointment and i want everything to heal up there nicely which probably takes more than 6 weeks im sure.

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