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FAM or Advanced on FF?

For those using FF do you use Advanced or FAM setting? The advanced looks "off" to me this cycle and I was just wondering if you ladies have deciphered which works best for you. TIA
Sept 2013 started TTC#2 (never got PP period so hoping for the first egg to drop)
Jan 2014 - diagnosed POF (Premature Ovarian Failure) and told pregnancy not possible without egg donor because my ovaries would never function again with my hormone levels (FSH 136, LH 98.6, AMH <.03, estradiol 0, HCG 7) - using acupuncture, chiropractic care and TCM herbs / supplements
March 11, 2014 ovulated despite every doctors prognosis!!!
Oct 2014 hormones (FSH 48, Estradiol 89, HCG 1) not good, but heckuva lot better!

Nov. 16, 2015 FET of single adopted 5AA embryo - BFN
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Re: FAM or Advanced on FF?

  • I use advanced.  I like it because the longer you use it, the better the interpretation will be.  Fam is very strict that if you have three temps a half degree higher than the last three temps, it will indicate an ovulation.  Or maybe it's .3 degrees difference.  But advanced method looks at your personal pattern.  I sometimes will switch back and forth to see if there's a difference, but I have been generally happy with advanced.  I hate getting false crosshairs or having them move when I think I'm already 7dpo.  That tends to happen more with FAM, in my experience. 
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    start ttc #1 in Jan 2009
    dx PCOS in May 2010, begin metformin
    Two failed clomid cycles (made lining too thin)
    Started acupuncture while saving for IVF in Sept 2011
    Add herbal infusions to the mix in Dec 2011
    Hoping holistic approach works!!!

    BFP on April 2012 at 11dpo
    Meepy Man born on Jan 2013 - Hip Hip Hurray!

    Ready to start ttc #2 April 2013, but plan to be an extended BF'er
    Back on metformin Aug 2013
    Restart herbal infusions Sept 2013 - currently drinking nettle, oatstraw, and red raspberry leaf
    DS weaned in April 2014
    Taking a break from herbs and just riding the healthy train.  
    Planning medicated cycle end of summer.  FX I get KU before then!!!
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