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~~IFV OOP Meds Check in~~

Hello Ladies!

The OOP Meds check in is designed to help those of us who are going through IF with no insurance, and have to pay completely out of pocket for our treatment and meds. If you fit this criteria, upon receiving your email I'll put you on our list and do my best to connect each of you with someone who has meds available to donate for your upcoming cycle.

If you have no insurance coverage and you have to pay OOP for both IF treatment and meds, Email me at [email protected], and include all of the following information, helping me to match you appropriately and as quickly as possible based on your specific needs:

  • IRL first & last name
  • Link to Nestie Name showing your history on IF, IF Vets &/or TTTC boards.Recipients must be an active/supportive member with no less than 75 posts/comments within the last three months
  • Type of cycle/treatment you will be undergoing, and if it's for baby number 1, 2, etc.
  • Type of drugs needed and quantity (in units, vials, etc)
  • Substitution allowances for any meds (Ask your Dr! Gonal-F for Follistim, etc)
  • The date the meds must be received by for your upcoming cycle, your "need by" date.

As soon as I have a match, I will email both of you to link you together.

**Please note, I match on Wednesday evenings and try to answer emails in between. If you have an urgent need PM my personal account (mm29)

*If you have any questions or comments concerning how this program is run PLEASE feel free to email me at [email protected]. Your feedback in all forms is always much appreciated!*



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