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Rolling over - help!

My LO is just 12 weeks today and started rolling over yesterday (back to front and vice versa).  We are so excited for her but wondering what to do about sleep.  I don't feel comfortable swaddling her when she can roll over (plus she almost always gets at least one arm out) but when she is unswaddled, she rolls over and wakes herself up.  I think she could get back to her back if she had to but the problem is more that as soon as she gets herself to her side or tummy, she wakes up and starts crying.  We haven't tried letting her CIO in either position as I'm not that comfortable with her on her stomach and she's only been doing this since yesterday, so we haven't had a lot of practice.

Any suggestions for getting her to sleep better?? Before this she was a great sleeper and was starting to hit 8-9 hours at night.

Re: Rolling over - help!

  • You should stop swaddling if she's rolling for safety reasons. 

    Theoretically, if she got herself there, she can get herself out. Unfortunately, it will probably mean a few nights of less than good sleep until she figures it all out. 

    Sleep regressions are normal, so even if your LO has been a great sleeper up until now, don't be surprised if things get worse, then better, then worse again. They are very unpredictable. 

    Also, CIO should never be done at this age. It's not recommended to do until after 6m of age, though some people will start at 4m. I know you said you haven't done it, but I thought I would mention it since you did. 
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  • What's wrong with swaddling when they can roll over?
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  • What's wrong with swaddling when they can roll over?
    If they manage to roll, they can't use their arms/hands to push themselves up in order to move their head around. It's a suffocation hazard.
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