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How to ride a bike with low tone?

My son has low tone and Ehlers Danlos Syndrome classic type. He has shown interest in bikes, but says "I just can't pedal". Any tips or pieces of advice? Someone recommended some kind of Velcro straps that would hold his feet to the pedals? If you did these, can you share a link? Thanks ladies!

Re: How to ride a bike with low tone?

  • -auntie- said:
    Check out these people-

    I'd love the info too. DD wants to ride a trike so badly, she is always getting on trikes at play dates and trying but just can't pedal.
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  • taryn30taryn30 member
    Thanks Auntie! Will check out!
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  • What about a hand trike?  We have an am-tryke and she can pedal with her hands and her feet.  
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  • taryn30taryn30 member
    Hey Jenny! Great idea! Looked them up! They seem quite expensive? Which do you have? You love it? Thanks so much for the recommendation
  • You can easily make your own adaptive pedals that we use in therapy for home.  Buy a pair of cheap sandals (the kind that have the Velcro straps across the top and behind the heel) a couple of sizes too big.  Drill holes in them lining up with the spaces in the pedals and secure them with a bolt , washer, and wing nut.  If the spaces in the pedals are too big, cut a piece of plywood the size of the pedal.  Then feed the bolt through the sandal, the pedal, and the plywood.  Attach the washer and wing nut on the bottom of the plywood.  Then simply strap your child's shoes in and practice pedaling.  Using adaptive pedals allows both legs to help propel through the entire revolution which makes it easier.  I hope this makes sense, but if not, let me know and I will try to explain it better.
  • DS had some adaptive pedals for a while that his school-based PT loaned him. Ditto pp on making your own. For my son at least, over time he didn't need the adaptive pedals anymore. He still is learning (to ride a bike with training wheels) but he's made progress. He is 5.
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  • taryn30 said:
    Hey Jenny! Great idea! Looked them up! They seem quite expensive? Which do you have? You love it? Thanks so much for the recommendation
    We have an am-tryke.  I think they are pretty expensive but we were so lucky to get a hand-me-down from another family here locally (we are in Minneapolis).  If you have a local SN group, maybe you can find one that's been outgrown, or ask your school district if they know of one.  Or you can make your own with the above instructions :)

    Yes, we love it.  We've only had it for a couple weeks but DD is so happy!  She cannot move her legs so the hand pedal lets her have her own bike and play with the other neighbor kids.  We still have the front wheel locked so she can't steer yet (still working on that) but it can grow with her for a few more year.  It's one of the rare times when she feels normal :)
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