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Coming out of Lurkerdom

My name is Nicole and I've been lurking for a while so I thought I would finally introduce myself. I especially read posts about sleep because I am always trying to reassure myself that I am not the only one with a baby (well, 14 month old) who still gets rocked to sleeps, sleeps next to me all night, and nurses on demand. Thanks for all the encouragement and advice you have all given me without even knowing it, I'll try to stop being a creepy lurker and chime in a bit more. 

Re: Coming out of Lurkerdom

  • Oh, and because it is kinda weird that I know more about some of you than you do about me, feel free to poke around my blog at especially the about page and the being mom area, those will tell you the most about me and my little one.
  • Not alone! Dd will be 17 months this week and we are just starting to transition away from sleeping together and night nursing. I now have her on a queen mattress on her floor in her room with a bed rail on one side and pillows and blankets around the outside of that. I sleep there with her in her sleep sack once she wakes at night, but as of last week we have had great success with dh putting her to bed without any nursing. I loved sleeping with her and nursing at night on demand, but to be honest I had a work trip away so dh had to take over, and she slept better. She only woke up once and went right back without nursing when he went in to soothe her. So I know it's time. With ds (my first) he naturally started STTN on his own too around 14 months.
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  • It is nice to know that they can start STTN on their own. I feel like she does everything else when she is ready, I don't want to force her to STTN if she isn't ready.

  • I'm right there with you, Nicole. My 14 mo old is asleep on my lap this very moment. I'm thinking that around 18 months I'll gently encourage her towards some different nap and bedtime routines but I'm not in a hurry. Americans suffer more sleep problems than most of the world and I tend to think that our mainstream child rearing techniques aren't helping that in the slightest so I try to be more natural and international about it. All that to say welcome and I'm sure you're doing fine!
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