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Pre-E delivery question

Hi there. I'm 35 weeks with fraternal twins and was just diagnosed with mild pre-e. For the other ladies with pre-e, I was wondering if your OB/MFM has mentioned whether a certain delivery type (vaginal vs. c section) was safest.

My OB/NP is out of the office through the holiday so I can't pick their brains :/


Re: Pre-E delivery question

  • I am wondering this too, I was just diagnosed with pre-e. However mine is a singleton pregnancy. I do know of a lady who had her baby natural and she had pre-e but I am unaware of her situation. I suppose the worse it is the quicker they want the baby out
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  • From what I gathered when I spoke with my OB, I will be giving birth vaginally unless complications arise that require me to have a C-section. I haven't spoken to her specifically about medications during labor, but I assumed I would be put on magnesium to prevent seizures.
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  • BC&LMBC&LM member
    With mild preeclampsia, I think you will probably be okay either way. If it gets severe, they might want to do an emergency section. I had mild preeclampsia that was worsening around 36 weeks, so they tried to induce me. They let that go on for three days, and when it still wasn't working, they recommended a C section. (I could have actually had it a day sooner, but they said I could continue with the induction if I wanted; I chose to try inducing for an extra day.)
  • Thank you guys!

  • jg1011jg1011 member
    I had pre-e that developed into pre-e with HELLP. My numbers changed so drastically that we did a c section immediately.
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  • I had severe PreE with DS (a singleton PG) and was induced and delivered vaginally at 39 weeks.  C-section was never brought up as being a consideration due to my PreE.  I'm not sure whether having a twin PG would change anything, though.



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